Alexx196 et la plage de sable rose

Title: Alexx196 et la plage de sable rose (Alexx196 and the Pink sand beach)
Direction: Loïc Hobi
Cast: Julien Chaudet, Claude-Emmanuelle Gajan-Maull, Pierre Gommé
Production: Yann Gonzalez
Distribution: Venin Films
Genre: Dramedy
Duration: 24′
Country: France, Switzerland
Year: 2023
O.V. in French. Subtitles in Spanish

Festivals: Bordeaux (independent films), Clermont-Ferrand (shorts), Locarno, Pantin (shorts), Paris (LGTBI), Rotterdam, Sitges, Solothurn

First showing in Barcelona

Alex and Sacha are distressed by the closure of the online video game where they met. As Alex and his mother go on vacation to the south where Sacha lives, the two teenagers will do everything they can to get together.