The FIRE!! PRO section is intended for professionals in the film sector (directors, producers, exhibitors, distributors, actors, journalists, teachers and students of film schools, etc.), and also for any other person in our audience interested in knowing more about the world of the cinema.

We will have in this new section an online round table on Production, distribution and exhibition of LGBT cinema, with several professionals from these fields.

The section is also made up of several interviews with the directors of the films included in this year’s selection.

Also, the distribution and programming professionals will find here our Source List, with the contacts of the distributors of all the programmed films: feature films, documentaries and short films.

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Round Table

Tuesday 15th of September, 4pm

Production, distribution and exhibition of LGBT cinema

The meeting on Production, distribution and exhibition of LGTB cinema aimed to provide a space to debate the issue both internationally and locally, given the relatively low production of cinema dedicated to affective and sexual diversity in our country compared to others such as Germany, France, the United Kingdom or the United States. In Spain, distributors draw heavily on foreign films to tackle the LGTB issue, a curious fact if we consider the good Spanish reception, in general, of this subject and the fact that Spain has been, for example, one of the first European countries to adopt an equal marriage law. Although the LGBT community is here particularly active, relatively well integrated into the social environment – at least compared to the countries mentioned above – and quite visible at the media and television level, all this is not very often reflected in cinematographic production.

It’s been interesting to chat with our guests to know their opinion on the approach of the LGBT theme in their different professional fields: in production, to see if this theme is increasingly present or not in the scripts that are circulating and in the shootings that finally take place; in the distribution sector, to try to understand to what extent the LGBT criterion is taken into account positively or not when selecting a film, and in the exhibition field, to find out if the theatres also positively evaluate this criterion when programing the titles. It’s been also be interesting to talk about the role of LGBT film festivals in Spain and see to what extent distributors and exhibitors take their prescribing role into account when betting on a film.

You can watch the roundtable here:


Marco Berger

Director de cinema argentí. Autor de Plan B (2009), Ausente (2011), Hawaï (2013), Mariposa (2015), Taekwondo (2016), Un rubio (2019) i El cazador (2020). El FIRE!! li retrà homenatge aquest any amb la projecció de tres títols (El cazador, Taekwondo, Un rubio).

Silvia Lobo

Presidenta de Próxima, Asociación de Distribuidoras Independientes de España (Adso Films, Atera Films, Begin Again Films, Capricci Cine, #ConUnPack Distribución, El Sur Films, Elamedia Estudios, Flamingo Films, Márgenes Distribución, Night Drive, Noucinemart, NUMAX Distribución, Paco Poch Cinema, Segarra Films y Surtsey Films).

Toni Espinosa

TONI ESPINOSA. Soci i responsable dels Cinemes Girona, tres sales de cinema al centre de Barcelona, exhibidores de cinema independent i europeu, en versió original i doblada. Un espai d’acollida per a mostres, festivals i esdeveniments audiovisuals. A Toned Mitja, Toni és també productor de cinema i televisió, realitzador de documentals i de vídeos corporatius, i director de el programa Nostromo de TVE.

Round table moderated by ANTOINE LEONETTI, director of the Mostra FIRE!!

Meetings with Directors

A meeting with Liliana Paolinelli, director of Margen de error.

A meeting with Aldo Garay, director of El hombre nuevo.

A meeting with Gastón Re, leading actor of Un rubio.

A meeting with Omar Zúñiga, director of Los fuertes.

A meeting with Carlos Castro, director of Regreso a Coronel Vallejos.

A meeting with Marco Berger, director of El cazador, Un rubio and Taekwondo.

A meeting with Daniel Nolasco, director of Vento seco, and Michely Ascari, camera assistent.

A meeting with Stéphane Riethauser, director of Madame.

A meeting with Aude Chevalier-Beaumel and Marcelo Barbosa, directors of Indianara.

Source list 2020

Distribution and programming professionals will find here our Source List, with the contacts of the distributors of all the programmed films: feature films, documentaries and short films.