FIRE!! 2022 Edition - At the French Institute and Filmin
FIRE!! 2022 Edition - At the French Institute and Filmin


with Mars One

2022 FIRE!! Barcelona LGTBI Film Festival´s trailer
2022 FIRE!! Barcelona LGTBI Film Festival´s trailer

Presentation of the 2022 edition:

Follow your flame!

A winged figure that emerges from the fire and invites us to follow our own flame: this is the image of the 2022 edition of FIRE!! A message that appeals to our inner strength, which helps us to be who we are, to be stronger to overcome difficulties or face discrimination such as homophobia or transphobia. This light and fiery character speaks to us of resilience, courage and confidence: it is both a phoenix that has the power to always be reborn from its ashes and also a person endowed with powerful wings, strong, capable of finding in himself o herself that fertile fire, that vital impulse necessary to move forward in the existence with pride and serenity.

Because the films in this edition tell us about all this: from the daily struggles of a modest family in a Brazil marked by the extreme right, in the marvelous Mars One, to the rebellious girls in The Hill Where Lionesses Roar, including the mother looking for something better than her war-torn daily life in Celts. Or the desire of Jérémie, the hero of Garçon chiffon, to surpass himself, or that of Professor Gabriele Santoro in Il bambino nascosto to save a child from his fate in the mafia. The guys from Moneyboys are also looking for a better life and the heroine of Wet Sand, Moe, is also looking for answers and love in a Georgian town on the shores of the Black Sea. And on the other hand, the protagonists of two wonderful documentaries give us masterful lessons on self-improvement: Canela, for deciding to embrace her status as a transgender woman with dazzling courage, and Seyran Ates, for resisting attacks on her status as a feminist, lawyer and imam, and her decision to open the first mosque without gender segregation, to educate and empower young LGTBI Muslims.

With the renewed strength that these people imbue us with, it fills us with joy to be able to recover this year the full in-person capacity of the festival at the French Institute, although we also propose an exciting online program on the Filmin platform. We will once again have parallel activities, in particular two round tables, as well as festival tours outside of Barcelona. The public will therefore find the usual festival, with its terrace and its good vibes, to enjoy the best LGTBI cinema in the world!

In addition, professionals will have a very important date: the second edition of FIRE!! LAB, LGTBI film laboratory. After the great success of the first edition last year, this space will once again provide advice on projects in development to alleviate the profound under-representation of LGTBI characters and themes in the Catalan and Spanish film scene in general. With more than 40 projects received, the FIRE!! LAB demonstrates the great need to support screenwriters and film directors who try to make films to make all members of the LGTBI community more and better visible. Thanks to their passion, we can more proudly trust our inner fire and follow our—their—flame.

Antoine Leonetti
Director de la Mostra FIRE!!

We finally can start a new edition of Mostra FIRE!! with full normality. It is very reassuring to know that we have recovered all the capacity and with it the physical proximity, so necessary for all of us. Small and big things at the same time and that make us more people and more human…

But the distances and the last two editions have also served to reflect. And we have done it above all for what we need to improve and to make us clearer and more extensive with our messages. Several bets have come out of these latest editions. One of them has been to permanently maintain our presence on a VOD platform like Filmin. We have also opted to strengthen the FIRE!! Lab, which has taken a boost that makes us very happy, since it guarantees an extension not only of the content made with quality and qualified, but it also serves to spur interest and thus allow the development of issues related to the LGTBI fact.

We have also expanded our Educational Program. And not only with exhibition days and materials. We have also done it with educational centers and new periods. This year we have already started holding two meetings during the second quarter and another two in the third quarter. A bet that has found an excellent reception. The limitations still have to do with educational centers located outside the metropolitan area and their difficulties in accessing Barcelona. We hope to reverse these limitations shortly…

With all this, we have followed our flame and we want to share it with all of you. And so, we light a flame to refute conformist and complacent speeches with lgtbiphobia that still surprises us. How to explain the outbreaks of discrimination and aggression that we so often have to face? How to explain that murderers of LGTBI people continue to act? Because lgtbiphobia is still well installed among us. And there are still too many scattered seeds of toxic, exclusionary and narcissistic machismo. And yes, this is a real challenge: facing and combating lgtbiphobia and, of course, doing it jointly with the rest of the entities and activists.

Perhaps because of all the experience that we already have, we can think that we still have many, many editions of FIRE!!, to continue doing our work and our small contribution to cinema and culture. We hope that with these pieces of culture you will find messages that will give you ideas and clues and thus also find your flame…

And although we are in the Mostra FIRE!! the content and the tool of what each film can convey, the French Institute of Barcelona is the ally that provides us with shelter and protection… IFB, we thank you once again for this now inseparable alliance with the culture and human rights of LGTBI people. We also thank all the institutions that generously provide a wide support to our project, which is also theirs by now. And we ask you without exception, that for a few days we share these messages full of hope and we look for the flame that frees us from lgtbiphobia.

Let’s have a good Mostra FIRE!!

27 ans du FIRE!!, une nouvelle ère s’ouvre. 

1 an après avoir célébré le premier quart de siècle du FIRE!!, l’actualité internationale vient nous rappeler que le respect de l’autre et l’amitié entre les peuples doit plus que jamais être au centre de nos préoccupations. A l’heure où nous devrions nous réjouir, laisser éclater notre joie de retrouver des salles de cinéma pleines de cinéphiles et de films tous plus beaux les uns que les autres, notre joie de laisser derrière nous ce satané virus qui a causé tant et tant de dégâts humains et sociaux, nous ne pouvons nous empêcher de nous demander si nous en avons réellement le droit. La réponse est oui car il faut vivre. 

Mais il faut vivre ensemble et ne pas omettre d’évoquer les tourments d’une planète qui saigne, qui souffre, qui étouffe et qui brûle parfois dans l’indifférence. L’Institut français de Barcelone et le festival FIRE!! unissent depuis des années leurs forces et leur visibilité, aussi modestes soient-elles, pour porter haut et fier la parole de ceux qui souffrent en raison de leurs choix, de leur orientation sexuelle ou de leurs opinions. Notre arme commune dans ce cas, c’est le cinéma. Il doit être une arme d’émotion massive qui doit éveiller les consciences et bousculer l’indifférence.

Tous les ans, le mois de juin réjouit le public de l’Institut français qui accueille avec bonheur ces 10 jours de fêtes, 10 jours d’amitiés, de partage, de FIRE!! La flamme qui nous anime n’est franchement pas prête de s’éteindre. Bon festival à toutes et tous !!

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