A very special program featuring the most beautifully-made and thought-provoking shorts; optimistic, introspective, funny… In short, everything that we want FIRE!! to be!

Stick Horses and superstars: love stories and some vengeances

Short film session. 110’

WED 15/06 : 8pm  at the French Institute:

Good and not so good people, innocent, strong, vulnerable, athletes, drunk or empowered: everything fits within queer, as in life itself! From some unscrupulous fans who kidnap their favorite actor, a trans escort from the red-light district of Tokyo, a councilwoman hyper-corrupted by the real estate boom of a coastal city, a young town soccer player who reunites with his childhood friend or a teenager obsessed with her stick horses, you will see that the same thing happens in the Stick Horses and superstars: love stories and some vengeances short movies.


Diego Serra • Spain

More shorts on FIRE!!

Some of the feature films and documentaries at the festival come with a surprise! As the session begins with one of these amazing shorts.


Diego Serra • Spain


Jordi Wijnalda • The Netherlands

Ob Scena

Paloma Orlandini Castro • Argentina


Ferran Navarro-Beltrán • Spain