A very special program featuring the most beautifully-made and thought-provoking shorts; optimistic, introspective, funny… In short, everything that we want FIRE!! to be!

Pink sand beach, Bolero, drunk bike rides and other destinations in search of love

Short film session. 100’

THU 13/06 : 8pm at French Institute:

Wherever you look for love or for yourself, it doesn’t matter! What matters is going out to explore: be it on a pink sand beach hidden in cyberspace, be it in some amazing century-old photographic archives, be it through the suburbs and on the run from authority with your petty thief boyfriend, or because you make crazy plans with an unknown girl online, either because you have managed to drag your entire town hypnotized to the sound of Ravel’s Bolero or because, being drunk, two policemen have stopped you in a meadow and you start riding a threesome with them. The important thing is the journey!


Flóra Anna Buda • France, Hungary


Nans Laborde-Jourdàa • France

More shorts on FIRE!!

Some of the feature films and documentaries at the festival come with a surprise! As the session begins with one of these amazing shorts.


José Montero • Spain (Catalonia)


Pau Canivell, Maria Sánchez, Rubén García • Spain (Catalonia)


Marc Camardons • Spain (Catalonia)