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The Casal Lambda in Barcelona is a non-profit institution that aims at the social normalization of the LGTBI community. Since 1976, it has offered LGBTI people a meeting and orientation space. As well as an information and documentation centre on sexuality aimed at professionals and researchers. The Casal Lambda carries out an important work of social importance with its cultural, educational and training activities. It also carries out informative activities and debate contents through its magazine “Lambda”. On the other hand, it carries out continuous awareness-raising work towards public institutions, political parties and society as a whole. More information about the Casal Lambda at

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Despite the fact that our June 2020 edition has not been possible, we do not want to close the year without the Mostra FIRE!!. This one is a specific call, designed for a very special moment: the FIRE!! At Home edition is born from the current and new circumstances triggered by Covid-19. This is the reason why we will enjoy an online edition through the Filmin platform, in September.

From Casal Lambda and from the first moment of confinement, we looked for ways and formulas to be by the side of so many people who are followers of our project. The Mostra FIRE!!, together with other activities of the Casal Lambda, proposed and suggested the view of films, series, documentaries, etc. In short, we wanted to be by the side of all those who follow us for so many reasons and for which we are always grateful.

We have to say that we’ve been working and evaluating every day all the different possibilities. Certainly, the feasibility of doing a face-to-face festival, with all the consequences, was not possible. Nor was it possible to do the 25th anniversary edition. We prefer to postpone this special commemorative edition, which you’ll be able to enjoy in 2021.

It has also been a rather unique year in terms of LGBTI events, all of them usually face-to-face and focused on visibility. The most prominent ones – May 17, June 28, and the Gay Pride – could not take place as they usually do, meaning a real limitation to the public expression of those human rights that, as a group, we represent. It must be said, however, that formulas have been sought to not loose visibility, so to not overlook these important dates in terms of public awareness.

On the other hand, we have to thank the administrations and the entities that support us. They have given us an accompaniment and an orientation that have helped us to define the edition that we present now. It is also worth adding the great support of the French Institute of Barcelona – usually the ​headquarters of our festival – to redefine possible dates and settings. Not to mention the Filmin platform, which we thank for making possible the programming of this At Home edition.

From Casal Lambda and the Mostra FIRE!! team, we see this edition as a new opportunity, to be connected with new friends who can discover us. It is also an opportunity to be there where we often do not arrive in person. And above all, it is an opportunity for you to still enjoying those culture jewels with us through the programming that we have prepared for you. All this would not make sense if it did not help us to continue growing as individuals and to defend LGTBI rights, which are also human rights. We whish you a great Mostra FIRE!! At Home.

Jordi Samsó Montagut

Maria Pujol Fernández

Javier Sánchez Saavedra

Aran Jiménez

Albert Ribas Dot, Mario Allegranzi, Joan Jiménez Jurado, Ramon Munt Alfaro