The Left Hand

Title: The Left Hand
Direction: Maxime Robin
Cast: Oscar Vaillancourt, Evelyne Rompré, Anne-Marie Côté, Marie-Ginette Guay, Maxime Robin
Production: La vierge folle
Distribution: Spira
Genre: Drama
Duration: 14′
Country: Canada
Year: 2022
O.V. in French. Subtitles in Spanish

Festivals: Ankara and Istanbul (LGTBI), Canberra (shorts), Cannes (shorts), Halifax, Kingston (LGTBI), Lafayette, Lisbon (LGTBI), London (Portobell), Melbourne (LGTBI), Moncton (Canada, French-speaking cinema), Montreal (French-speaking cinema), Montreal (shorts), Ojai (United States), Ottawa (LGTBI), Prague (LGTBI), Quebec (shorts), Riga (shorts), Saguenay (shorts), Toronto (LGTBI), Trois-Rivières (Canada, shorts)

First showing in Spain

Young Maxime’s mother starts worrying about her son when he is declared “not normal” by his 2nd grade teacher. After a distressing visit to the hospital, she decides to confront the teacher, only to see the whole situation in a new light when the most trivial misunderstanding occurs. A short movie about gender, especially when it’s projected on others.