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At the French Institute:

SUN 09/06 ● 8pm

FRI 14/06 ● 10pm*
*In the presence of Marc Camardons

Title: Traca
Direction: Marc Camardons
Cast: Alvaro Requena, Arnau Verdaguer, Jaume Ibars, Daniel Aguirre
Production: Xavier Farré
Distribution: Marc Camardons
Genre: Drama
Duration: 11’30”
Country: Spain (Catalonia)
Year: 2023
O.V . in Catalan. Subtitles in Spanish

Festivals: Barcelona (young cinema), Barcelona and several Catalan towns (short films in Catalan), Mumbai (LGTBI), Paris (short films in Catalan), Toulouse (shorts in Catalan), Yuva (India, shorts, online)

Biel goes out partying with his lifelong friends to celebrate Saint John. It’s his routine; drinking, doing tricks and driving drunk. But Biel has been hiding what’s going on for months. And once you light the fuse, there’s no way the firecracker will stop exploding.

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