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From La Macarena to La Beyonsebe. A journey, from documentary film, through the spiritual divas of the LGTBIQ+ collective

DOLORES GUAPA, by Jesús Pascual

…explore the traditions of Holy Week and Flamenco, reaching out to the divas of pop music, from a queer perspective.

Round table with part of the cast of ¡Dolores, guapa! (2021), such as Jesús Pascual (director), Anto Bonilla (producer), and Jorge Pulgar, where the devotion to religious images, Holy Week and artistic expression will be reviewed, within the LGTBIQ+ collective, relating the connections with the queer diva fandoms.The scenic point of view will come from the Flamenco Queer duo, formed by Rubén Heras and Jero Férec. After watching films like Carmen y Lola or Mi arma, questions to develop and new points of view always arise, and cinema is the prism from which to focus on issues that seem to be opposed. Queer disruption is the backbone of the union of popular fervor, flamenco and pop divas.

Moderated by Oskar Fanjul, an expert in pop myths and dresser of religious images, they will try to respond to the criticism and prejudices that arise in the brotherhoods… and within the LGTBIQ+ collective. What happened to the poster for Holy Week in Seville this year? Can you shout “Yasss Queen” to Madonna and the Virgin of Macarena? Is there space for queer people within brotherhoods and flamenco? In the end you will understand that you can vibrate in a procession and run to have a place in the front row of the next Beyoncé concert.

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Jesús Pascual

Jesús Pascual, director of the documentary Dolores Guapa

(Alcalá de Guadaíra, 1997). Graduated in Audiovisual Communication in 2019 from the University of Seville. In 2022, he completed the master’s degree in History of Contemporary Art and Visual Culture organized by the Reina Sofía Museum, the UAM and the UCM. In 2019, he premiered the short documentary film Mi arma, selected in more than twenty festivals inside and outside our borders, among which Lesgaicinemad stands out, where he received a Special Mention from the Jury. In 2021, he directed his first feature-length documentary, ¡Dolores, guapa! (Best Film in the Andalusian Panorama section at the Seville European Film Festival and Best Documentary at the Andalesgai festival). In 2023 he won the I Prize for Queer and Crip Theories ‘Sonia Rescalvo’ with his essay Querer como las locas, published by Editorial Cántico.

Anto Bonilla

Anto Bonilla, producer of the documentary Dolores Guapa

Architect from the University of Seville. He is dedicated to production and set design in theater and television. He worked in series such as La peste (Movistar, 2018) or Arde Madrid (Movistar, 2019). In theater, he carried out the production and set design of works such as Las Dependientas (Best CINTA show and Best theater show, best authorship and best set design at the 2018 Stage Awards) or Orgullo S.O.S. (National scenography award at the Burguillos Festival). In addition, he was in charge of the design of artistic installations such as Luces de Barrio (New European Bauhaus Award from the European Commission). During this time he studied Artistic Direction applied to TV at Atresmedia. In 2021 he produced and scripted ¡Dolores, guapa!, his first feature-length documentary, which addresses issues related to queer identities in Andalusia. He is currently immersed in the production of a short, a feature and a video clip, which will be released throughout 2023 and 2024.

Rubén Heras and Jero Férec, from Flamenco Queer

Rubén Heras, bailaor, and Jero Férec, guitarist, from Flamenco Queer

Flamenco Queer is the result of the work of London guitarist Jero Férec and Badalona dancer Rubén Heras. They recover the confluence of queer and minority communities in flamenco and drag, which took place in the Raval and Poble-sec neighborhoods of Barcelona at the beginning of the 20th century. They highlight intersectional representation both on and off stage, giving visibility to queer artists in both historical and contemporary flamenco culture. They have recently published the album Travestí, which breaks the conventions of flamenco.

Jorge Pulgar

Jorge Pulgar, journalist and disseminator of the Holly Week culture from the LGTBI prism

(Isla Cristina, Huelva, 1990). Journalist and content creator, he has spent half his life in Seville. Almost everything he has written is related to the world of Holy Week and the Brotherhoods and he appeared in the documentary ¡Dolores, guapa! On Twitter (@JPulgarSalgado) he regularly publishes articles about clashes between brotherhoods of little towns in Andalusia and analyses how the Marian images are dressed, while on Instagram (@pulgaris) he shares stories in which he performs his particular version of the North American North American reality show Rupaul’s Drag Race applied to the Sorrowful of Holy Week. He’s fascinated by the most classic and the most bizarre. He is the Miranda Priestly of Holly Week. This is the world in which he has been raised and his diva is María Santísima. For Jorge, “the Esperanza de Triana is the Beyoncé of the Virgins.”


Oskar Fanjul

Oskar Fanjul, expert in pop myths and images of Easter

(Oviedo, 1993). Based in Barcelona since 2018. He is a civil engineer from the University of Oviedo. He has published articles in digital media (El Rescate Musical or Fantastic mag) on cultural and musical news. He directs and presents the podcast “Mitos reconectados”, where he recovers biographies of artists like Sara Montiel or Tino Casal, relating them to current pop hits. He completed a monograph on Elvis Presley at the University of Oviedo (2016). On his Tiktok he reviews the news and secrets of the European royal houses. He has been a self-taught dresser of processional images since he was a child, both in Asturias and Barcelona. Currently, he is in charge of dressing the Mare de Deu dels Dolors, in Arenys de Mar (Barcelona).


¡Dolores guapa!

If you are a subscriber, you can watch the documentary on Filmin.


TUE 8/5 to SUN 16/6


Sport friendly. The pitch of diversity! , by Émilien Buffardannah Cauhépé

Sport friendly. The pitch of diversity!, photographic exhibition by Émilien Buffard

contemporary society: as a public space, it is a vector of social experiences, a place to meet, play, improve, learn, generate new relationships and opportunities for cultural and social interactions. However, it is still plagued by challenges and concerns for professional and amateur players: racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia. With Sport friendly: the pitch of diversity! the French photographer Émilien Buffard – based in Argentina since 2014 – wants to contribute to social commitment to the problem of discrimination and violence to promote inclusive sport, focusing on LGBTIQ+ sport groups that seek to redefine the classic values of sport, claiming that, regardless of their sexual orientation or identity, their gender or their physical or social condition, each person has a place in society.

FRENCH INSTITUTE GUIDED TOUR + ROUND TABLE >On June 13 at 6.30 p.m. guided tour of the exhibition in the presence of Émilien Buffard, followed by a round table on inclusive sport. From 8th May to 16th June: Monday to Friday, from 9am to 9pm. Saturday and Sunday during the Festival, from 4pm to 9pm Free entry

Do you want the Sport friendly. The pitch of diversity! album?

From MON 13/5 to SAT 22/6


Santa Ocaña.
Fetishes, dreams and transvestism
, by Rubén Antón

Santa Ocaña. Fetishes, dreams and transvestism, exhibition of vector portraits by Rubén Antón

… Rubén Antón has created this collection of 18 pieces for her project “Drag is Burning” of historical memory of transvestism and the LGTBIQ+ collective. It pays tribute to the Seville painter José Pérez Ocaña, a key character in the countercultural artistic environment of the hypothetical transition, from his arrival in Barcelona in the 70s until his death in 1983. The exhibition is also linked to the screening of the famous documentary Ocaña, retrat intermitent (Tuesday the 11th at 8pm), the first film by the great director Ventura Pons, who recently died and to whom the FIRE!! Mostra wants to pay tribute.

FRENCH INSTITUTE GUIDED TOUR>8th and 15th June, 7pm with Rubén Antón From 8th May to 16th June: Monday to Friday, from 9am to 9pm. Saturday and Sunday during the Festival, from 4pm to 9pm Free entry

Drag is Burning

FRI 7 and SAT 8 /6


ANTINOUS ON FIRE!!, with David Moragas

On June 7 and 8, the famous LGTBI bookstore in Barcelona will make available to the public of FIRE!! a selection of its best titles with fantastic discounts! And on Saturday the 8th at 6:30 p.m., our beloved director David Moragas (Demà ho deixem; Stormy Night) will sign there Fervor, his first novel! A story that recalls Sally Rooney and Gabrielle Zevin, a generational song about friends, love and becoming an adult without wanting it.

The Antinous bookstore, specialized in LGTBIQ+ themes and with 27 years of existence in Barcelona (currently on Casanova Street, 72, in the heart of Gaixample), is more than just a bookstore. There are many cultural activities that we offer: book presentations, talks and conferences, reading clubs, literary routes, participation in fairs and LGTBIQ+ events in our city.

We collaborate with Casal Lambda, with the LGTBI Center of Barcelona and with several LGTBIQ+ groups in Catalonia. We have a wide and varied section of film books from the most classic to the latest novelties. We also have at your disposal a very complete selection of audiovisuals, both fiction films and documentaries.

You can follow us on social networks sociales (Instagram, Facebook and X), on our blog, and buy our items virtually through the website.

We look forward to seeing you on the terrace of FIRE!! in the French Institute. And, of course, in our bookstore.

on the terrace of the FRENCH INSTITUTE

FRI 7 & SAT 8 June

5pm to 10pm

SUN 2 /6



Queer Pong Club Five Football Tournament at Club Deportivo Terra Negra

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The Queer Pong Club – your favorite lesbo-queer non-sports club – organizes highly informal ping-pong, darts, pool, soccer and other less expected sports tournaments for the coolest girls and non-binary persons in Barcelona. It takes place on the first Sundays of some months in maumau, a classic bar in Poble-Sec and, with its Queer Pong Cinema variant, it also invites them to see the best lesbian cinema in the world!

On June 2 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., the Queer Pong Club will be at the Terra Negra Sport Club with a Five-a-side Soccer tournament, before moving on to maumau to finish the day. The members of the winning team will be awarded 5 packs of 5 tickets for the FIRE!! Mostra. Also, keep the tournament participation document (ticket, etc.) because it’ll give you a 50% discount on the FIRE!! Tickets, showing it at the French Institute box office.




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