TUE 13/6 : 6.30 pm

Round Table Stories to see us: on the representation of LGTBIQ+ history in the cinema


The round table Stories to see us: on the representation of LGTBIQ+ history in the cinema will examine how cinema and audiovisuals have represented queer history, our history. We will talk with the artists, activists and researchers Roberta Marrero, Emilio Papamija and Francina Ribes about cinema, representation and a story built on absences, some lights and many shadows, at a table moderated by the filmmaker and part of the Filmin team Zaida Carmona.

LGTBI CENTRE Tuesday 13th of june 6.30 pm Free entry Live retransmission from the LGBTI Centre of Barcelona’s YouTube Channel

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Roberta Marrero

Roberta Marrero is a plastic artist and writer. She has published several books, including the graphic novel El bebé verde. Infancia, transexualidad y héroes del Pop (Lunwerg, 2016) and the collection of poems Todo era por ser fuego (Continta me tienes, 2022). She normally collaborates in various magazines such as Shangay, Candy Transversal Magazine or Bibliotech. The obsessions reflected in her work are diverse: the autobiographical, desire, love, sex, cultural idols or images of power and the occult.

Emilio Papamija

Emilio Papamija is a researcher, cultural designer and decolonial anti-racist trans activist, an expert in aesthetics and a teacher in gender, media and culture. He is currently director of research and trans representation at ODA, the Spanish Audiovisual Media Diversity Observatory, where he leads the process of preparing an annual report that evaluates the narratives of LGBTIQA+, racialized and disabled characters that are projected in Spanish fiction, with the purpose of promoting social and cultural change. For this mission, he gives workshops and consults around these topics.

Francina Ribes Pericàs

Francina Ribes Pericàs has a PhD in Media and Culture from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a Master’s in Contemporary Film and Audiovisual Studies from the Pompeu Fabra University. She is the author of the book Ausencia y Exceso. Lesbianas y bisexuales asesinas en el cine de Hollywood (Dos Bigotes, 2022) and has collaborated with Drac Màgic, the Observatori de les dones en els mitjans de comunicació, La Bonnemaison and the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, always around gender theories and the cinema.


Zaida Carmona
Zaida Carmona is a filmmaker and works in Filmin’s marketing and communication department, although she has previously worked as a writer on television and in media such as Notodo and Vice. In cinema, she has directed several short films and video clips, including Son ilusiones, presented at D’A 2021, and she has collaborated as an actress in the films of Marc Ferrer. With La amiga de mi amiga, her first feature film, she won the “Un Impulso Colectivo” award at the D’A Film Festival. Her first feature film has been at festivals such as Atlantida Mallorca Film Fest, Abycine, Lesgaicinemad, San Sebastián or the Rotterdam International Festival.

THU 15/6 : 6 pm

Round table: The showrunners of LGTBI series, allies of queer visibility

Vestidas de azul

Recent series have put much or all of their focus on the LGBTIQ+ collective, from Heartstopper, Pose, Transparent, Special, Elite, Gender Derby, Young Royals, Sex Education, Euphoria, Woke, Prisma or Feel Good, in the international arena, until Merlí, Smiley, Maricón perdido, Ser o no ser, Veneno, or La edad de la ira, within our borders. The creators (or showrunners) of these series, who write all or part of the scripts and are in charge of the coherence of the shoots, play a fundamental role in their success and in the way our collective is represented. But are these series here to stay? Although it seems easier to create LGTBI series today, what are the challenges and risks that they continue to entail? Have the production companies really changed course to counteract the very low statistical representation of the LGTBI collective in our audio-visual panorama? To discuss these issues, we will speak with Guillem Clua, creator of Smiley, Coral Cruz, creator of Ser o no ser, Javier Ferreiro, scriptwriter for Vestidas de azul, and the moderation of the film critic Mariona Borrull.

LGTBI CENTRE Thursday 15 of June 6pm Free entry Live retransmission from the LGBTI Centre of Barcelona’s YouTube Channel

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Guillem Clua

Barcelona, 1973. Graduated in journalism, he began his training in writing at London Guildhall University. He is considered one of the most international and versatile voices in today’s national theater. He has extensive experience as a screenwriter for film and television. His film adaptations of God’s Crooked Lines and some of his own works (such as La bandera) stand out, as well as the Netflix series Smiley of which he is showrunner. He does not hesitate to choose current issues: armed conflicts, climate change, nationalism… The result is works of high political voltage such as La piel en llamas or El sabor de las cenizas, epic dramas (Marburg, Invasión), but also musicals (Killer, 73 raons per deixar-te), theater-dance shows (Death in Venice, En el desierto), adaptations of classics (Iliad, La revoltosa) and comedies (Smiley, Al damunt dels nostres cants). Many of his pieces have received important awards, among which the 2020 National Award for Dramatic Literature stands out.

Coral Cruz

Coral Cruz has a long career as a screenwriter. She has co-written Morir by Fernando Franco, Uncertain Glory by Agustí Villaronga, The Days to Come by Carlos Marques-Marcet (Best Film in Malaga), One for All by David Ilundain and the multi-award-winning series Hierro. She is responsible for the adaptations of Vida privada (Gaudí for Best Film for TV) and Life without Sara Amat. In 2022, she premiered Ser o no ser (ODA 2022 award for best fiction series), her first series as showrunner, screenwriter and executive producer, and The punishment, directed by Matías Bize (Festival de Malaga, Official Selection).

Javier Ferreiro

Born in Lugo, Javier specialised in scriptwriting before studying fiction directing at the International Film and Television School (EICTV – Cuba). Back in Spain, he began to develop projects together with his production company Amor y Lujo, and with the support of funds and institutions such as the ICAA, ICEC and Ibermedia. Javier is currently immersed in series writing. He has been the scriptwriter for Vestidas de Azul (continuation of the successful Veneno) and is developing his first series as a creator, the two projects together with Suma Content, the producer of Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo. In addition to his work as a screenwriter, Javier is developing his directorial debut, Fame e febre, which has the support of AGADIC.


Mariona Borrull

They/them. Mariona writes reviews for El Antepenúltimo Mohicano, Fotogramas and Serielizados and speaks weekly on Ràdio 4’s Va de cine and SER Catalunya’s Tot és comèdia. Their work can also be read in Sensacine and OtrosCines Europa. They specialize in covering Class A festivals, combined with articles for the distributor Mediatres Estudio and other press work. A member of the Catalan Association of Film Critics and Writers (ACCEC) and Fipresci.

From MON 22/5 to MON 19/6

Fuera de juego, photographic exhibition by Hannah Cauhépé

Fuera de juego, exposició fotogràfica de Hannah Cauhépé

“That’s why we do this! The rest, all that shit, repels us”. “Thit” is a multi-sport event for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender, called the Queer Olympix, which has taken place every year in Istanbul since 2017. In 2019, riding a wave of increasing oppression towards people LGTBI led by the president of the country, the police prohibited the event. Although LGBTQ identities are not yet criminalized in Turkey, this may not last long as there is talk today of sacralising heterosexuality in the constitution. That’s why Queer Olympix, which aims to create a safe space for queer people and rethink the way we play sport, is so important.

FRENCH INSTITUTE From 22nd May to 19th June. The 22nd of May at 7 pm, inauguration with the presence of Hannah Cauhépé After: from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 21 pm. Saturdays from 9am to 2pm. Saturday and Sunday during the Mostra, from 4 pm to 21 pm Free entry

FRENCH INSTITUTE Wednesday, June 15 18h

Free entry


FRI 9/6 and SAT 10/6 : 5 pm to 10 pm

Odd Kiosk


ODD KIOSK is a Queer space that tries to get away from what is considered normal or conventional. Its transformation has been influenced by the ideas and values of recent generations, where being different is not negative, quite the opposite. At ODD KIOSK you will find the best independent magazines and a wide selection of approximately 40 artists who are part of the LGTBIQ+ community. In addition, they also have a small corner of books and fanzines. Selecting each product, they give voice to new artists and designers.

ODD KIOSK will be present at FIREE!! with a selection of its best artists, on:

on the terrace of the FRENCH INSTITUTE

Friday 10 and Saturday 11 June

5pm to 10pm


on the terrace of the FRENCH INSTITUTE

Friday 10 and Saturday 11 June

5pm to 10pm


WED 14/6 and THU 15/6



The Antinous bookstore, specialized in LGTBIQ+ themes and with more than 25 years of existence in Barcelona (currently at Casanova street, 72, in the heart of Gaixample), is more than just a bookstore. There are many cultural activities that it offers: book presentations, talks and conferences, reading clubs, literary routes, participation in LGTBIQ+ fairs and events in our city. The bookstore collaborates with Casal Lambda, the Barcelona LGTBI Center and various LGTBIQ+ groups in Catalonia.

It has a wide and varied section of film books from the most classic to the latest novelties. It also has at your disposal a very complete selection of audiovisuals, both fiction films and documentaries. You can follow the Antinous bookstore on its social networks (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter), its blog and buy its products virtually through the website. It’ll expect you at the Mostra FIRE!! at:

on the terrace of the FRENCH INSTITUTE

Wednesday 14

7 pm to 10 pm

Dijous 15 de juny

5pm to 10pm



Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 June


FRI 16/6 and SAT 17/6 : 5 pm to 10 pm

El Noa Noa


El Noa Noa was created with the intention of bringing independent culture closer to readers, giving a voice to small publishers, self-published authors and emerging artists. Our catalogue is specialized in LGTBIQ+ culture, feminism, poetry, art, illustration and design. We have a selection of magazines, fanzines, art and accessories. In our space we offer specialty coffee roasted in Barcelona by Nomad Coffee. Because we did not find a better plan than to accompany your reading moment or a good conversation with a good cup of coffee.

Noa Noa will be present at FIRE!! with a selection of books and works and specialty coffee, on:

on the terrace of the FRENCH INSTITUTE

Friday 17 and Saturday 18 June

5pm to 10pm


on the terrace of the FRENCH INSTITUTE

Friday 17 and Saturday 18 June

5pm to 10pm


Meetings with Directors

Some directors will be present at the screening of their film; the public will have the opportunity to talk with them at the end of the screening, in the cinema or on the terrace of the French Institute.

 Isa Luengo and Sofia Esteve

A meeting with Isa Luengo and Sofia Esteve,
directors of Perpetua Felicidad
SAT 10/06 – 10 pm

Hannah Cauhépé

A meeting with Hannah Cauhépé,
director of Fuera de juego.
MON 12/06 ● 8 pm

Daniel Sanchéz Lopé

A meeting with Daniel Sanchéz Lopéz,
director of Catorce
SÁB 17/06 ● 8 pm

Hadi Moussally

A meeting with Hadi Moussally,
director of El sombrero
WED 14/06 ● 10 pm
SÁB 17/06 ● 8 pm

Ruth Caudeli

A meeting with Ruth Caudeli,
director of Petit mal,
and the actresses Sílvia Santamaría
and Ana María Otálora
SÁB 17/06 ● 4 pm

Miguel Ibáñez

A meeting with Miguel Ibáñez,
director of Iago y Tristán,
and the actors Lluís Marquès and Quim Àvila
FRI 16/06 – 10 pm

Alba Cros i Nora Haddad

A meeting with Alba Cros and Nora Haddad,
directors of Alteritats
SUN 11/06 ● 8 pm

Steven Koslowski,

A meeting with Steven Koslowski,
producer of Two Eyes and actor
SÁB 17/06 ● 8 pm

Lionel Baier

A meeting with Lionel Baier,
director of La dérive des continents
SUN 18/06 ● 8 pm

Alejandro Marín

A meeting with Alejandro Marín,
director of Te estoy amando locamente and the actress/actor: Ana Wagener, Omar Banana
SAT 10/06 ● 6 pm

Peter McDowell

A meeting with Peter McDowell,
director of Jimmy in Saigon
FRI 9/06 ● 8 pm