Ocaña, retrato intermitente

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At the French Institute:

TUE 11/06 ● 8pm
In the presence of Miquel Rey, former producer of Ventura Pons

Title: Ocaña, retrato intermitente
Direction: Ventura Pons
Cast: Javier Perez Ocaña, Paco de Alcoy, Nazario, Camilo, Guillermo, María de la Rambla
Production: Prozesa, Teide P.C.
Distribution: The Films of La Rambla
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 85′
Country: Spain (Catalonia)
Year: 1978
O.V . in Spanish

Festivals: Barcelona, Berlin, Cannes, Chicago, Madrid (documentaries), Madrid (LGTBI), Nantes (Spanish cinema), San Sebastián, Toulouse (Spanish cinema), Warsaw

Intimate vision of the Andalusian painter José Pérez Ocaña, a character who marked the life of the Rambla and the Plaza Real in Barcelona in the late seventies. Ocaña is an intermittent portrait broken by the “provocation of memory.” It tells us about his life and, at the same time, intermittently, we see the world that emanates from his subconscious. Thus, through the use of transvestism, we are shown the dramatic game, which is based on the Iberian grotesque, also close to the modern theories of street theater. We reconstruct his visions of the cult of death, the fetishism of religious images… And to these intermittencies is added his “vital discharge”, his creative universe.

With the programming of Ocaña, retrato intermitente, a legendary documentary if there ever was one, we want to pay tribute to director Ventura Pons, who died at the beginning of this year, with what was the first foray into cinema of this immense Barcelona director.