Fragments d’un parcours amoureux

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At the French Institute:

FRI 07/06 ● 8pm
In the presence of the director Chloé Barreau

Title: Fragments d’un parcours amoureux (Fragments of a Life Loved)
Direction: Chloé Barreau
Cast: Sébastien Ryckelynck, Anna Mouglalis, Jeanne Rosa, Laurent Charles-Nicolas, Ariane Deboise, Rebecca Zlotowski, Rebecca Zlotowski
Production: Greenland
Distribution: I Wonder Pictures
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 95’
Country: France, Italy
Year: 2023
O.V . in French and Italian. Subtitles in Spanish

Festivals: Bologna (biographical cinema), Venice

First showing in Spain

Throughout our lives, we fall in love with the most different people. Teenage crush, long-distance love, carnal passion, deep bond: every story is different, every experience unique. Since she was 16, between Paris and Rome, Chloé Barreau – filmmaker, author – has filmed all her love affairs. While she was experiencing a relationship, she was already building the memory of it: filming, photographing, writing. But every story has at least two points of view… What do your exes remember about you? What is their version of events? Fragments of a Life Loved reconstructs the life of a woman through the stories of the people who loved her: Sébastien, Jeanne, Laurent, Ariane, Rebecca, Anne, Jean-Philippe, Anna, Bianca, Marina, Marco, Caroline… Intimate testimonies and private images mix to reveal the universal paths of the feeling of love. A surprising trip down memory lane, for anyone she loved.