Todo el silencio

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At the French Institute:

SAT 08/06 ● 10pm
SAT 15/06 ● 4pm

Title: Todo el silencio
Direction: Diego del Rio
Cast: Adriana Llabres, Ludwika Paleta, Vicky Araico, Enrique Arreola, Angélica Bauter, Diana Bracho
Production: Animal de Luz Films
Distribution: IDA – Independent Distribution Agency
Genre: Drama
Duration: 82’
Country: Mexico
Year: 2023
VO in Spanish and some dialogues in sign language for deaf people subtitled in Spanish

Festivals: Kerala, Ljubljana, London, Melbourne, Morelia, Prague (LGTBI), Pune, Raindance, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Warsaw

First showing in Spain

What is it like to be gradually losing the ability to perceive the world the way we’ve been used to? Miriam soon finds out and cannot reverse it in any way. Although she is making her living as a Mexican sign language teacher and her girlfriend is deaf (but doesn’t use sign language), the gradual loss of hearing turns her life upside down. It’s because Miriam is not only a teacher but also a music aficionado and theatre actress. All the safely familiar things, like the bustle of her city, and the tones of buskers, are slowly turning into a fuzzy murmur until they eventually dissolve completely, but she refuses to confront a future in which her passions may not be sustainable. With input from multiple deaf advisors and featuring an extensive deaf and hard of hearing cast, the film immerses the audience in Miriam’s experience and her emotional turmoil through innovative sound design, while asking us to contemplate what it is to hear, see and speak.