Ob Scena

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At the French Institute:

SAT 11/06 6pm

At Filmin:

From June 9 to 19

Title: Ob Scena (Ob Scene)
Direction: Paloma Orlandini Castro
Cast: Paloma Orlandini Castro
Production: Lucila Manara
Distribution: Films to Festivals
Genre: Documental
Duration: 17’
Country: Argentina
Year: 2021
O.V. in Spanish

Festivals: Amsterdam (documentaries), Antofagasta, Belo Horizonte (shorts), Bilbao (LGTBI), Bucharest (experimental cinema), Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires (LGTBI), Buenos Aires (documentaries), Créteil (women’s cinema), Hamburg (shorts), Kassel (documentaries), La Plata (independent cinema), Leipzig (Latin American cinema), London (LGTBI), Marseille, Mexico (FICUNAM), Regensburg (shorts), San Sebastián, Tucumán, Winterthur (shorts)

First showing in Barcelona

Ob Scene is an experimental documentary short film that takes academic texts on sexuality written by a psychiatrist in Cuba in the 1980s and establishes a link with today’s pornography. It is a reflection on the place of social control discreetly infiltrated in the representation of sex.