I Feel Like Disco

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Title: I Feel Like Disco
Direction: Axel Ranisch
Cast: Frithjof Gawenda, Heiko Pinkowski, Christina Grobe
Production: Kordes & Kordes Film
Distribution: Kordes & Kordes Film
Genre: Dramatic comedy
Duration: 98’
Country: Germany
Year: 2013

Festivals: Albi, Baden-Baden, Auckland (Out Takes, LGBT), Barcelona (FIRE!!, LGBT), Berlin, Bilbao (Zinekoak, LGBT), Brussels, Copenhagen (MIX, LGBT), Glasgow (youth cinema), Jecheon (Korea), Los Angeles (independent cinema), Munich (German cinema), Newport Beach (USA), Osnabrück, Paris (Chéries, chéris, LGBT), Portland (German cinema), Prague (Meziprata, LGBT), San Francisco (Frameline, LGBT), Tel Aviv (LGBT), Toulouse (Des images aux mots, LGBT), Tromsø (Norway), Turin (LGBT), Vancouver (LGBT), Vienne, Wiesbaden

The truth is that Florian Herbst is happier when his father is not there. That’s when he can dance around the house with his mother, wear eccentric clothes and forget all his problems. And the truth is that Hanno Herbst doesn’t quite know what to do with his clumsy and fat child, who doesn’t show the slightest interest in sports or girls. But all is not bad: at least he has his mother, who, with firm tenderness, manages to keep the fragile family harmony under control and protect her two men against each other. That is, until one terrible morning, when the house of cards collapses and the mother disappears from their life in the blink of an eye. She leaves behind a father and son, overwhelmed, until they gradually learn to cope with the situation and to find common ground and Florian will gain confidence to discover himself without the support of his mother. This is the story of I Feel Like Disco, sometimes comical and absurd, at times sad and often fantastic.