Title: Féeroce (Fairyocious)
Direction: Fabien Now
Cast: Brigitte Aubry, Capucine Lespinas, Ange-Nicolas Castellotti, Marie-Pierre Nouveau
Production: Respiro Productions
Distribution: Manifesto Pictures
Genre: Drama
Duration: 14′
Country: France
Year: 2019
O.V. in French. Subtitles in Spanish

Festivals: Badalona (shorts), Berlin (shorts), Bucharest (shorts), Budapest (shorts), Cyprus (shorts), Dresden (shorts), Gaeta (Italy, shorts), Geelong (Australia), Geneva (LGTBI), Les Arcs (France), Liège (comedy films), Malta (short films), Minikino (Indonesia), Montpellier (Mediterranean cinema), Namur (French-speaking cinema), Rhode Island, Saguenay (Canada, short films), Sarajevo (youth cinema), Tel Aviv (LGBTI), Thessaloniki (LGTBI), Trouville (shorts), Vama Veche (Romania), Winterthur (shorts)

First showing in Barcelona

Alma, petrified, doesn’t know how to react: from now on, her eight-year-old son wants to dress as a fairy when going to school. She asks her neighbor for help and ultimately the whole building will become involved in arguing about Simon’s gender rights.

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