Faire famille

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At the French Institute:

THU 13/06 ● 10pm

Title: Faire famille
Direction: Océan
Cast: Océan, Sophie-Marie Larrouy
Production: Black Dynamite, Kwassa Films, Vive la vie! Productions
Distribution: ScreenBox
Genre: Documentary series
Duration: 90’
Country: France, Belgium
Year: 2023
O.V. in French. Subtitles in Spanish

Festivals: La Rochelle, Paris (LGTBI), Paris (Champs-Élysées), Saint-Denis (France, independent cinema)

First showing in Spain

“Being a family” when you are not in the traditional pattern of a heterosexual loving couple, what is it like? Can two best friends who live on the same floor become a family? Sophie-Marie Larrouy, Océan’s best friend, wants to have a child. At 38 years old, and single, she realizes that parenthood is potentially much more complex than what she had long ago imagined. And when Océan, who is a trans man, tells her that he would be willing to be a co-parent if she decides to make a baby, Sophie-Marie wants to explore all possible options for her before making her decision. They both question their bond of friendship, their desire for children and their ability to commit together, meeting people who have created families “differently” to draw inspiration from them and invent their own model.