Title: XY
Direction: Anna Karín Lárusdóttir
Cast: Hafrún Arna Johannes- dóttir, Birta Mubaraka
Production: Anna Karín Lárusdóttir
Distribution: aug&ohr medien
Genre: Drama
Duration: 16’
Country: Iceland
Year: 2019

Festivals: Alicante (El Tumbao), Berlin (Visionär), Bilbao (Zinegoak, LGBT), Bombay (LGBT), Brisbane (LGBT), Davis (USA women cinema), Istanbul (women cinema), Florencia (shorts), Fredericksburg (USA), Helsinki, Lincoln (UK, independent cinema), Malmö (women cinema), Palermo (shorts), Pune (India, LGBT), Reykjavik (Stockfish), Rif (Nothern Wave, Iceland), San Diego (FilmOut, LGBT), Santiago de Chile (women cinema), Sydney (Mardi Gras, LGBT), Toronto (Breakthroughs), Ulaanbaatar (Golden Ger), Venice (shorts), Zagreb (Sidney)

First showing in Barcelona

Lísa is fifteen years old and lives in the suburbs with her mother. She hasn’t reached puberty yet, and keeps a big secret about herself. She avoids the girls with whom she feels disconnected, but when one of them, Bryndís, is being bullied by some boys in their class, Lísa decides to connect with her so to speak about her secret.