Title: Uranites
Direction: Marina Arenas
Cast: Simone Sojo, Juan Vilches
Production: Tekiero Collective
Distribution: Marina Arenas
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 8′
Country: Spain
Year: 2023
O.V . in Spanish

Festivals: Aguilar de Campoo (shorts), Bilbao (fantastic films), Granada (young directors), Maspalomas (shorts), Seville (independent films), Seville (LGTBI), Seville (European cinema)

First showing in Barcelona

Iria and Satya land in a town in Seville with the aim of establishing intergalactic contact between Uranus and Earth. The mission requires finding a spokesperson to deliver the Delta-Tig Zero Communications Sphere. On their journey, they will discover that this planet is not as their studies reflected.

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