La Vénus d’argent

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FIRE!! Accessibility : subtitles for the deaf

SUN 09/06 ● 10pm
SUN 16/06 ● 4pm

Title: La Vénus d’argent (Spirit of Ectasy)
Direction: Héléna Klotz
Cast: Claire Pommet, Niels Schneider, Sofiane Zermani, Denis Ménochet, Grégoire Colin, Anna Mouglalis, Mathieu Amalric
Production: Les Films du Bélier
Distribution: Pyramide Films
Genre: Drama
Duration: 101’
Country: France
Year: 2023

FIRE!! Accessibility : subtitles for the deaf
O.V. in French. With subtitles in Spanish adapted for deaf people

Festivals: Bordeaux (independent cinema), Geneva, Leiden, Lumière Awards, Toronto

First showing in Spain

Jeanne Francoeur, a clever and ambitious non-binary person from a long line of gendarmes, lives on a military base with an abrasive father, forced to care for their younger siblings while dreaming of breaking out of the family’s milieu by becoming a high-powered financial analyst. Jeanne also faces the return of an old love, who left for military service after their upsetting first sexual encounter. Eager to make their mark they takes advantage of an entry-level internship, biding their time and closely observing the slick and shark-like boss. When Jeanne spots a mistake in the code by one of the well-connected full-time analysts, the boss takes notice and offers to mentor Jeanne into the business. At an evening for initiates organized in her private mansion, they’ll met Elia, a corrupting patron with a hoarse voice, capable of emotionally shaking her guest like a captivating and poisonous apparition… Jeanne is played by famous French pop star Claire Pommet, aka Pomme, who makes here a very impressive acting debut in the second feature film by Héléna Klotz.