Family First

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Title: Family First
Direction: Marco Mucig
Cast: Paolo Skhroba, Eva Lavigna, Ludovico Girardello
Production: Fake Productions
Distribution: Premiere Film
Genre: Fiction
Duration: 7’
Country: Italy
Year: 2019

Festivals: Amsterdam (Roze, LGBT), Fiumicino, Geneva (Everybody’s Perfect, LGBT), Izmir (shorts), Las Vegas (queer cinema), Manchester (shorts), Milan (Aquerò), Naples (Omovies, LGBT), Paris (BoyOhBoy, LGBT), Portland (LGBT), Saint-Étienne (Face à face, LGBT)

First showing in Spain

Marco, a young skater, cruises through the buildings of Milan. He seems to have everything he could wish for: a beautiful girl by his side and friends to share his passion with. But he’s looking for something else.