Bellydance Vogue


A l´Institut Francès:

SAT 11/06 8pm
TUE 14/06 10pm
In the presence of the director, Hadi Moussally

At Filmin:

From June 9 to 19

Title: Bellydance Vogue
Direction: Hadi Moussally
Cast: Hadi Moussally
Production: h7o7
Distribution: h7o7
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 5’
Country: Lebanon
Year: 2020
O.V. in Arabic. Subtitles in Spanish

Festivals: Amsterdam (fashion film), Amsterdam (queer and migrant cinema), Austin (arthouse cinema), Beirut, Berlin (shorts), Birmingham (LGTBI), Bogotá (experimental cinema), Boston (LGTBI), Boston (shorts), Bucharest (shorts), Buenos Aires (shorts), Brussels (independent cinema), Ghent (documentaries), Hong Kong (arthouse cinema), Istanbul (shorts), Kansas City (underground cinema), Leeds, Lisbon (dance cinema), London (queer cinema), London (shorts), Los Angeles (experimental cinema), Mexico (video-dance), Minneapolis (Arab cinema), Montreal (LGTBI), Moscow (shorts), New Jersey (independent cinema), Portland (queer shorts), Porto (super 9 cinema), Shanghai, Sydney (documentaries), Tenerife (video-dance), Thessaloniki (LGTBI), Toronto (arthouse cinema), Toronto (fashion film), Toronto (LGTBI), Valencia (video-dance)

First showing in Barcelona

Hadi’s birthday landed on the 3rd of April 2020 during the lockdown. For the first time, he celebrated it all by himself, but still, he decided to do it as if it was the last one, using in a queer way archive films from the 80-90s and a VHS recorder app.