At the French Institute:

TUE 11/06 ● 10pm
SAT 15/06 ● 8pm*
*In the presence of director José Montero

Title: Beicon
Direction: José Montero
Cast: Alberto Amayuelas, Ramon Pujol
Production: The New Flesh
Distribution: The House of Cinema
Genre: Drama
Duration: 11’
Country: Spain (Catalonia)
Year: 2023
O.V . in Spanish

Festivals: FIRE!!

Estrena en el FIRE!!

When Ander is about to leave the house to walk his dog, he meets Carlos, his ex-partner, who has been waiting for him on the landing of the apartment where they lived before the breakup. Under the pretext of collecting the last of his belongings, Carlos takes the opportunity to bring up a topic that they had pending: the future of the animal that they both cared for when they lived together.

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