A Distant Place

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At the French Institute:

SAT 17/06 – 10 pm

Title: A Distant Place
Direction: Park Kun-young
Cast: Kang Gil Woo, Hong Kyung, Sang-hee Lee, Ki Joo-bon, Ki Do Young
Production: Jeonju International Film Festival
Distribution: M Line
Genre: Drama
Duration: 117’
Country: Korea
Year: 2020
O.V. in Korean. Subtitles in Spanish, Catalan and English

Festivals: Barcelona (Korean cinema), Copenhagen (LGTBI), Stockholm (queer cinema), Florence (Korean cinema), Frankfurt (Korean cinema), Haifa, Incheon (Korea, cinema and migrations), Jeonju (Lorea), London (LGTBI), London (queer cinema from Asia), Los Angeles (LGTBI), Madrid (Korean cinema), Miami (LGTBI), Milwaukee, Muju (Korea), Paris (Korean cinema), PyeongChang (Korea, peace cinema), São Paulo (LGTBI), Soul (independent cinema), Seoul (LGTBI), Tallin, Tokyo (LGTBI), Toronto (LGTBI)

Nothing is what it seems when one looks at things from the distance… Jin-woo resides on a sheep ranch in Hwacheon and lives a seemingly peaceful and idyllic life with his niece Seol. The ranch owner, Joong-man, and his daughter, Moon-kyeong, treat them like family. One day, Jin-woo’s friend Hyun-min comes to the ranch and reveals that the two have been lovers for a long time. They dream of living happily with Seol in this peaceful place. However, the visit of Eun-young, Jin-woo’s twin sister and Seol’s mother, unleashes the conflict.

With a delicate and precise direction that will remind us of Francis Lee’s God’s Own Country, A Distant Place is a rural drama about the forbidden love between two men and the consequent rejection by their community.