El Houb

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At the French Institute:

WED 14/06 – 10 pm
SAT 17/06 – 6 pm

Title: El Houb [ The Love ]
Direction: Shariff Nasr
Cast: Fahd Larhzaoui, Lubna Azabal, Slimane Dazi
Production: BIND
Distribution: True Colours
Genre: Dramedy
Duration: 102’
Country: The Netherlands
Year: 2022
O.V. in Arabic, English and Dutch. Subtitles in Spanish

Festivals: Albuquerque (LGTBI), Atlanta (LGTBI), Berlin (queer cinema about the SWANA region), Chicago (LGTBI), Eau Claire (USA, LGTBI), Fort Lauderdale (LGTBI), Hong Kong (LGTBI), Istanbul (cinema and justice), Montreal (LGTBI), Melbourne (LGTBI), Miami (LGTBI), Munich (LGTBI), New York (LGTBI), Ostend, Rabat (arthouse cinema), San Francisco (LGTBI), São Paulo (LGTBI), Seattle (LGTBI), Sydney (LGTBI), Tel Aviv (LGTBI)

First showing in Spain

Rotterdam, the Moroccan-Dutch Karim tells his parents that he is attracted to men. After years of keeping up appearances, the word is finally out. The difficult days that follow evoke beautiful and poignant memories. He realizes that he has to confront his family to finally break the silence. But in order to be accepted, he must come to terms with his own feelings first.

Actor Fahd Larhzaoui shines in this brilliantly brilliant dramedy, which uncompromisingly addresses the culture shock that comes from coming out in a traditional Arab family, even living in a European environment.