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At the French Institute:

SUN 18/06 – 6 pm

Title: Peafowl
Direction: BYUN Sung-bin
Cast: Hae-jun, KIM U-gyeom
Production: BYUN Sung-bin, YOON Suk-chan
Distribution: M-Line Distribution
Genre: Drama
Duration: 114’
Country: Korea
Year: 2022
O.V. in Korean. Subtitles in Spanish, Catalan and English

Festivals: Busan, Cannes, London (LGTBI), Gwangju (Korea, women cinema), Jeonbuk (Korea, independent cinema), London (queer cinema from Asia), Seoul (independent cinema), Seoul (LGTBI)

First showing in Spain

Shin is one of the best waackers – a form of voguing that’s heavy on pose. And the dance battle final is a high-stakes game. If she wins, the jackpot will cover her gender affirming surgery. But Shin also has other challenges to face. With her estranged father having recently died, it falls to her as the only child to perform the traditional dance ritual at his memorial. That means making an unwelcome journey back to her rural roots. However, Shin is accompanied by a spirit guide in the form of a peacock. Defiantly facing down all opposition with coolness and confidence, staying true to herself yet also shedding some of her sharper armour, Shin embarks on a winding path to enlightenment and soon finds the whole village going along for the ride. The brilliant first feature film by BYUN Sung-bin, director of God’s Daughter Dance, a short film programmed at Mostra FIRE!! in 2022 and which received awards around the world.