Tank Fairy

Title: Tank Fairy
Direction: Erich Rettstadt
Cast: Marian Mesula, Ryan Lin, Danielle Yen
Production: Erich Rettstadt
Distribution Erich Rettstadt
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 10’
Country: Taiwan
Year: 2021
O.V. in Chinese. Subtitles in Spanish

Festivals: Ann Arbor (USA), Athens, Atlanta (LGTBI), Austin (SXSW), Bombay (LGTBI), Brno (LGTBI), Calgary, Cardiff (LGTBI), Chicago (LGTBI), Copenhagen (LGTBI), Dayton (LGTBI), Denver (series), Eau Claire (USA, LGTBI), Grimstad (Norway, shorts), Hamburg (shorts), Hamburg (LGTBI), Hawaii, Hollywood (shorts), Hong Kong (LGTBI), Indianapolis (shorts), Indianapolis (LGTBI), Leeds, Lima (LGTBI), Los Angeles (LGTBI), Madrid (LGTBI), Melbourne (LGTBI), Miami (LGTBI), Milano (LGTBI), Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Nueva York (Asian cinema), New York (LGTBI), Oberhausen (shorts), Odense, Oklahoma City, Palm Springs (shorts), Paris (LGTBI), Phoenix (LGTBI), Philadelphia, Piacenza (shorts), Provincetown, San Francisco (LGTBI), Santa Barbara, São Paulo (LGTBI), Seattle, Sydney, Taiwan, Taiwan (LGTBI), Tampa (LGTBI), Tel Aviv (LGTBI), Tokyo (shorts), Toronto (LGTBI), Torino (LGTBI), Vienna (shorts)

First showing in Barcelona

In Taiwan, “song wa si de” are workers who routinely supply gas tanks to street vendors and old residential buildings. The magical Tank Fairy delivers her tanks unlike any other – with sass, stilettos and a healthy helping of glitter. Her arrival upends the life of Jojo, a lonely ten-year-old who dreams of dancing and drag. Outcast by classmates and misunderstood by his stern, single mom, Jojo is inspired to live out loud by his fierce, propane-toting fairy godmother. Tank Fairy is a musical extravaganza that encourages us all to embrace our authentic selves.