Chrissy Judy

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At the French Institute:

SUN 11/06* – 6 pm
SUN 18/06 – 10 pm
*Session presented by the directors of the Americana Film Festival, Josep Maria Machado and Xavier Lezcano

Title: Chrissy Judy
Direction: Todd Flaherty
Cast: Todd Flaherty, Wyatt Fenner, Joey Taranto, Kiyon Spencer, João Santos, James Tison
Production: Undetectable Productions
Distribution: The Film Collaborative
Genre: Dramedy
Duration: 96’
Country: USA
Year: 2022
O.V. in English. Subtitles in Spanish and Catalan

Festivals: Albuquerque (LGTBI), Atlanta (LGTBI), Austin (LGTBI), Bay City (USA), Belfast (queer art), Chicago (LGTBI), Hamptons, Hong Kong (LGTBI), Edmonton (USA, LGTBI), Fort Lauderdale (USA, LGTBI), London (LGTBI), Los Ángeles (LGTBI), Melbourne (LGTBI), Miami (LGTBI), New York (LGTBI), Provincetown, Seattle (LGTBI), Sydney (LGTBI), Tel Aviv (LGTBI), Winston-Salem (USA, LGTBI)

First showing in Spain

Everybody has friends who can’t get their act together, but you can’t help but love them to pieces anyway. For thirty-something Chrissy, that’s his bestie, Judy, an endearing but perpetually messy ride-or-die who’s always got more than a few cocktails in the tank. After hustling for years together in the New York City bar scene, Judy is convinced that this is the summer their two-queen drag act will finally get its big break. That is, until Chrissy’s priorities suddenly shift, forcing a disillusioned Judy to closely examine his trajectory as a queer artist, and rediscover his true self in the process.

This dark comedy peers into the underbelly of queer culture and examines the struggles gay men face in the pursuit of love, acceptance, romance, and identity. Delving into the universal pain of growing apart from your best friend, Chrissy Judy leaves you exploring this question: “What you do when your chosen family no longer chooses you?”