Setmana Santa


At the French Institute:

SUN 13/06 : 5 pm
SUN 20/06 : 10 pm
In the presence of the director of Setmana Santa, Gerard Miró.

At Filmin:

from THU 10/06
to  SUN 20/06

Title: Semana Santa
Direction: Gerard Miró
Cast: Hugo Barragán, Elisabeth Bonjour
Production: El dedo en el Ojo
Distribution: Bande à Part
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 9’
Country: Spain
Year: 2020

O.V. in Catalan y Spanish. Subtitles in Spanish

Festivals: Mostra FIRE!!

World Première

Gerard and his sister spend the Easter holiday at their grandma’s house. Due to the woman’s strict devotion, Gerard learns to love Jesus. What the grandmother does not know is that Gerard is learning much more from that relationship

Short film screened before: