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At Filmin:

from THU 10/06
to  SUN 20/06

Title: Snake
Direction: Andrey Volkashin
Cast: Vedran Delidzakov, Marijan Najdovski, Gabriela Petrushevska, Borche Nachev, Vaska Angelova
Production: Veda Film
Distribution: Andrey Volkashin
Genre: Drama
Duration: 20’
Country: North Macedonia
Year: 2019

O.V. in Macedonian. Subtitles in Spanish and English

Festivals: Belgrad (Merlinka, LGBT), Brest (European cinema), Cardiff (Iris Prize, LGBT), Miami (OutShine, LGBT), Novi Sad (Serbia, shorts), Paris (Chéries-Chéris, LGBT), Paris (Signes de nuit, shorts), Prague (Meziprata, LGBT), Skopie (Cinedays, European cinema), Tel Aviv (LGBT), Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Tirana

First showing in Spain

Snake is a bitter-sweet story about an friendship between a nine year old daredevil Mario and an eccentric gay man, Borche, challenged by the prejudices and hatred of the parents, in a remote Macedonian small town.