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At Filmin:

From June 8 to 18

Title: Rosie
Direction: Marcel Gisler
Cast: Sibylle Brunner, Fabian Krüger, Judith Hofmann, Sebastian Ledesma
Production: Cobra Film
Distribution: Filmin
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 106’
Country: Switzerland
Year: 2013
V.O in German. Subtitles in Spanish

Festivals: Brno (LGTBI), Copenhagen, Espoo (Finland, European cinema), Fort Lauderdale (LGTBI), Geneva (LGTBI), Hamburg, Les Arcs (France), Lisbon (LGTBI), Ljubljana (LGTBI), London (LGTBI), Miami (LGTBI), Moscu, Solothurn, Osaka (European cinema), Palm Springs, Pune, Saarbrücken (Max Ophüls), Saint-Étienne (LGTBI), San Francisco, San Francisco (LGTBI), Swiss Cinema Awards, Thessalonica, Torún (Poland), Valladolid (LGTBI), Vienne (LGTBI), Zurich (LGTBI)

Rosie is desperate in her old age; she refuses to be helped and does not want to move to a retirement home. With a simple plot handled with humour, tenderness and respect, Marcel Gisler documents the relationship between a mother and her son, their family secrets, the vulnerability of life and the quirks and phobias of two very distant and different generations. Through the wonderful character as Rosie, this film explores universal topics such as love, family, destiny and our resistance to our destinies. A simple and truthful masterpiece.

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