Hoy partido a las tres

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At Filmin:

From June 8 to 18

Title: Hoy partido a las tres
Direction: Clarisa Navas
Cast: Gustavo Bravo, Natalia Ruis Cobo, Carolina Cussigh
Production: Maria Laura Buslemen
Distribution: Yagua Piru Cine
Genre: Dramedy
Duration: 96’
Country: Argentina
Year: 2017
O.V. in Spanish

Festivals: Amsterdam (LGTBI), Avilés (LGTBI), Barcelona (FIRE!!), Biarritz (Latin-American cinema), Bilbao (LGTBI), Buenos Aires (LGTBI), Buenos Aires (independent cinema), Lima (LGTBI), Madrid (LGTBI), Montevideo (LGTBI), Paris (LGTBI), Quito (LGTBI), Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia, LGTBI), Santiago de Chile (LGTBI), Sydney (LGTBI), Stockholm (LGTBI), Tunis (LGTBI), Valencia (LGTBI), Valladolid

In a sleepy town on the Argentine coast, the girls’ football team known as The Indomitables are looking forward to the start of the neighbourhood sports tournament. During this languid, lazy waiting period, situations arise, and passion, love, confrontation and conflict run wild, even threatening their intense and sincere desire to play soccer at all costs.

Today Match at 3 is a subtle, intimate delight that dissects the hyperrealist, precise universe of human relationships in a girls’ football team, highlighting the concerns and conflicts that can affect any group: competitiveness, power struggles, love, affection, teamwork… In short, a metaphor for life and love, played out in the field of sport.