Petit Mal

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At the French Institute:

THU 15/06 – 8 pm
SAT 17/06* – 4 pm

*In the presence of the director Ruth Caudiel, and the actresses Sílvia Santamaría and Ana María Otálora

Title: Petit Mal
Direction: Ruth Caudeli
Cast: Ruth Caudeli, Sílvia Santamaría, Ana María Otálora
Production: Ovella Blava Films
Distribution: The Open Reel
Genre: Dramedy
Duration: 89’
Country: Colombia, Spain
Year: 2022
O.V. in Spanish. Subtitles in English.

Festivals: Albuquerque (LGTBI), Austin (LGTBI), Badajoz (LGTBI), Bern (LGTBI), Birmingham (USA, Arthouse cinema), Bologna (lesbian cinema), Fortaleza (LGTBI), Fort Lauderdale (LGTBI), Guadalajara, LGTBI), Hong Kong (LGTBI), New York (Tribeca), Lima (LGTBI), Madrid (LGTBI), Miami (LGTBI), Monterrey (LGTBI), Montreal (LGTBI), Nantes (LGTBI), Nice (LGTBI), Paris (LGTBI), San Francisco (LGTBI), San Sebastián, São Paulo (LGTBI), Seattle (LGTBI), Tampa (LGTBI), Tel Aviv (LGTBI), Vancouver (Latin-American cinema)

First showing in Barcelona

The polyamorous relationship between Martina, Anto and Laia falters when Laia must be absent for work reasons. Martina and Anto must face their new relationship as a “couple”. The absence of Laia will generate in them two new dynamics. But how strong and true is the love of the three? Will they manage to overcome adversity and stay together when Laia returns? In Petit Mal, Ruth Caudeli opens her home’s doors to show us how her life is and how a women’s throuple live with the absence of one of them. This real-life fiction shows us how they deal with loneliness, jealousy, and how they have to adapt themselves when three become two.