Girls & The Party

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At the French Institute:

SAT 11/06 10pm

Title: Girls & The Party
Direction: Paloma López
Cast: Maya Delmont, Amber Wynne-Jones, Arianna López, Nayara Alexis
Production: Natalie Herman
Distribution: Manifest Pictures
Genre: Drama
Duration: 5’
Country: USA
Year: 2021
O.V. in English. Subtitles in Spanish

Festivals: Athens (youth cinema), Brussels, Florida, London (LGTBI), Los Angeles (LGTBI), Madrid (shorts), New York (LGTBI), Paris (LGTBI), San José (USA, CineQuest), York (shorts)

A group of girlfriends prepare for the anticipated summer party in a cramped bathroom. Between boy talk and makeup, Mercedes navigates her blossoming attraction for her friend Julia.