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At the French Institute:

SAT 18/06 4pm

Title: Canela
Direction: Cecilia del Valle
Cast: Canela Grandi Mallarini
Production: Cecilia del Valle
Distribution: Films to Festivals
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 77’
Country: Argentina
Year: 2020
O.V. in Spanish

Festivals: Belgrade (LGTBI), Bilbao (LGTBI), Córdoba (Argentina), Copenhagen (LGTBI), Geneva (Latin-American cinema), Guatemala (LGTBI), Mumbai (LGTBI), Madrid (women cinema), Naples (LGTBI), Rosario, Santiago de Chile (LGTBI), Santo Domingo (LGTBI), Veracruz

First showing in Barcelona

At the age of 48, an architect from the city of Rosario begins to transition. This film narrates the vignette in the life of Canela where she is torn between having gender affirming surgery or not. We follow her as she consults with healthcare professionals, her sons and old friends until she realises something. Canela is a film as intelligent, funny, kind, cheerful and captivating as its main character.