Regreso a Coronel Vallejos

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Title: Regreso a Coronel Vallejos
Direction: Carlos Castro
Cast: Patricia Bargero, José Luis Chavarri, Raquel Piña, Leo Leiva, Manolo Rodríguez, José Carreiras, Felisa Pinto, Carlos Puig, Mempo Giardinelli, Graciela Goldchluk, and the “tea ladies”, Pochocha Formica, Blanca Pérez and Alicia Azparren
Production: La Grulla Audiovisual
Distribution: Carlos Castro
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 71’
Country: Argentina
Year: 2018

Festivals: Argentina (FICSUR, different cities), Buenos Aires (Asterisco, LGBT), Buenos Aires (documentaries), Buenos Aires (ADN, Argentinian documentaries), La Plata (Latin-American cinema), Lima, Pergamino (Argentina), Salta (Argentina, Argentinian cinema)

First showing in Spain

Coronel Vallejos is the name of the town where the famous Argentine writer Manuel Puig (author of Kiss of the Spider Woman or Pubis Angelical [Angelic Pubis]) develops the story of his novels Betrayed by Rita Hayworth and Heartbreak Tango. Puig, openly gay since his adolescence, was a militant and one of the founding members of the Frente de liberación homosexual [Homosexual Liberation Front], in 1971. Vallejos is a bitter picture of each town of the Buenos Aires Pampa that Puig portrayed with singular mastery, based on rumors and voices that he heard as a boy from his own land, General Villegas. Its inhabitants, apparently, never forgave him, and this is perhaps why the writer never came back. However, Patricia Bargero, a disabled woman who travels in a wheelchair, holder of a painful and enigmatic past and nicknamed “Puig’s widow”, will build a bridge between the Vallejos-Villegas of Puig, trying to reconcile the place with the writer.

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