At the French Institute:

FRI 11/06 : 10 pm
With the presence of the director Alex de la Croix

SAT 19/06 : 10 pm

At Filmin:

from THU 10/06
to  SUN 20/06

Title: Privilegiada
Direction: Alex De La Croix
Cast: Alex De La Croix, Cuentos Rosales, Mónica Bustos ‘La Poti’
Production: Jorge Garrido Fuentes
Distribution: Apoyo Positivo
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 10’
Country: Spain
Year: 2020

O.V. in Spanish

Festivals: Mostra FIRE!!

First showing in Barcelona

Olga and her friend Dolores spend an afternoon at the pool rambling about gender differences and social impositions associated with women. Olga concludes that the privileges, which she supposedly once had as a normative person, have completely disappeared and she is preparing to regain them. How? She doesn’t even know it herself.

Short film screened before:

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