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At the French Institute:

SAT 18/06 8pm

Title: Moneyboys
Direction: C.B. Yi
Cast: Ko Kai, Chloe Maayan, Yufan Bai, J.C. Lin, Qiheng Sun
Production: KGP Kranzelbinder Gabriele Production, Zorba Production, arte France Cinéma, Panache Productions
Distribution: Avalon
Genre: Drama
Duration: 118’
Country: Austria, France, Taiwan, Belgium
Year: 2021
O.V. in Chinese. Subtitles in Spanish and Catalan

Festivals: Badajoz (LGTBI), Bergen, Bilbao (LGTBI), Brussels, Brussels (LGTBI), Busan, Cannes, Cartagena de Indias, Copenhagen (LGTBI), Gijón, Hawaii, Jerusalem, Lucca, Madrid (LGTBI), Melbourne (LGTBI), Palm Spring, Paris (LGTBI), Prague (LGTBI), Saarbrucken, Santiago de Compostela (European cinema), Seoul (LGTBI), Stockholm, Šumadija, Sydney (Taiwanese cinema), Taiwan, Tel Aviv (LGTBI), Thessalonica, Vancouver, Vienna

Fei makes a living in the big city working as a hustler. His world collapses when he realizes that his family accepts his money but not his homosexuality. Broken-hearted, Fei struggles to create a new beginning in his life. Moneyboys may deal with a very specific situation, the migration of a young man from rural China, but for director C.B. Yi, it is a universal story about interpersonal relationships that could happen in many places around the world.