Marlén, retrato de unas tetas peludas

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At the French Institute:

FRI 16/06 – 4 pm

At Filmin:

From June 8 to 18

Title: Marlén, retrato de unas tetas peludas
Direction: Javier de Miguel
Cast: Javier de Miguel, Martín González, Franco Araya
Production: El Garbo, Universidad del Desarrollo
Distribution: Natalia Isotta
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 11’
Country: Chile
Year: 2021
O.V. in Spanish

Festivals: Bogotá (shorts), Bogotá (university cinema), Boston (LGTBI), Buenos Aires (independent cinema), Buenos Aires (LGTBI), Cannes, La Plata (LGTBI), Medellín (cinema and audio-visual arts), Santiago de Chile (LGTBI), Santiago de Chile (shorts), Stockholm (LGTBI), Valparaíso (women cinema), Vienne (human rights cinema)

First showing in Spain

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Marlén, a young adult with tits, takes a personal journey into the past, analysing memories of how the world reacts to her corporeality. Marlén narrates about family and love, understanding her hairy tits as the centre of the construction of her gender, pleasure, and sexuality.