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At the French Institute:

FRI 16/06 – 6 pm

Title: Madhu [Honey]
Direction: Tanmay Chowdhary, Tanvi Chowdhary
Cast: Satakshi Nandy, Madhyama Halder
Production: Peru Films
Distribution: Tanmay Chowdhary
Genre: Drama
Duration: 13’
Country: India
Year: 2022
O.V. in Bengali. Subtitles in Spanish

Festivals: Belo Horizonte (shorts), Bilbao (documentaries and shorts), Edinburgh, Lago, Leeds, London, London (Indian cinema), New York (Athena), Palm Springs (shorts), Rotterdam, Toronto (Asian cinema), Uppsala, Vienna (shorts)

First showing in Barcelona

Childhood friends Satakshi and Madhyama reunite at a celebration during Durga Puja. As the night progresses, their feelings for one another are revealed to us through words of the past and the future, taking the audience on a beautiful Ferris wheel ride of love, hopes, and dreams.