Girl Picture

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At the French Institute:

FRI 10/06 6pm
SÁB 18/06 10.15pm

Títol: Girl Picture (Tytöt tytöt tytöt)
Direcció: Alli Haapasalo
Intèrprets: Aamu Milonoff, Linnea Leino, Eleonoora Kauhanen
Producció: Citizen Jane Productions
Distribució: Level K
Gènere: Comèdia dramàtica
Durada: 100’
País: Finlàndia
Any: 2022
VO en finès. Subtítols en espanyol

Festivals: Berlín, Londres (LGTBI), Sundance

Estrena a Espanya

High school best friends Mimmi and Rönkkö work at the smoothie parlour in the local mall, exchanging gossip and taking delight in the puntastic names of the fruit drinks they sell. (Lime of Passion, anyone?) Both single, Rönkkö is after that elusive spark of instant attraction, whilst the tempestuous Mimmi scoffs there’s no such thing until elite skater Emma is queuing up to buy a drink and immediately sparks fly between them. It’s not long before they are diving headfirst into a passionate relationship, becoming all-consuming in the way only first love can be and which might just threaten Emma’s chances of competing in the European championships. With a smart and energetic script whose narrative unfurls over three consecutive Fridays in the young women’s lives, Girl Picture boasts a trio of fantastic lead performances. These intertwining love stories are nuanced and relatable to everyone, whether or not you believe in love at first sight.