El sombrero

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At the French Institute:

WED 14/06* ● 22 h
SAT 17/06* ● 18 h
*In the presence of the director Hadi Moussally

At Filmin:

From June 8 to 18

Title El sombrero (La casquette)
Direction: Hadi Moussally
Cast: Hadi Moussally
Production: Olivier Pagny
Distribution h7o7
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 4’
Country: France
Year: 2022
O.V. in French. Subtitles in Spanish

Festivals: Basel (LGTBI), Bendigo (Australia), Berlin (queer cinema about the SWANA region), London (queer cinema), Loughborough (LGTBI), Montreal (art cinema), Montreal (LGTBI), Paris (LGTBI), Turin (LGTBI),

First showing in Spain

Hadi stares at the camera and begins to get dressed. As he prepares himself, he expresses his thoughts on the current situation, how much discrimination and amalgams weigh on him, he who wears the double stigmatizing hat of gay & Arab. What to do with this weight?