Title: Unicorns
Direction: Sally El Hosaini, James Krishna Floyd
Cast: Ben Hardy, Jason Patel, Michael Karim, Saba Shiraz, Sagar Radia
Production: Cambridge Picture Company
Distribution: Protagonist Pictures
Genre: Romance
Duration: 119′
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2023
O.V. in English. Subtitles in Spanish and Catalan

Festivals: Gothenburg, London, London (LGTBI), Palm Spring, Toronto

First showing in Spain

When Luke, a single father who works as a mechanic, stumbles across an underground nightclub he meets Aysha, a beautiful, seductive British Indian woman. Their first kiss yields fireworks — which are immediately followed by Luke’s sobering realization that Aysha is not the cisgender woman he thought, but a remarkably femme drag queen. Embarrassed, Luke departs. Sensing a connection that might transcend sexual preference, Aysha tracks Luke down and offers him a night job driving her to performance venues. Spending more time together and navigating the challenges in their respective domestic lives, they face the question of whether or not there is a love that can exist beyond traditional labels. Unicorns is an alluring fusion of forbidden romance and colliding cultures, a powerful, lyrical story of serendipitous human connection, where two people might become lovers, if only they can build a bridge between their very different worlds.