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Title: Method
Direction: Eun-jin Pang
Cast: Park Sung-Woong, Oh Seung-Hoon, Yoon Seung-Ah
Production: Atnine Film
Distribution: M-Line Distribution
Genre: Drama
Duration: 82’
Country: Korea
Year: 2017

Festivals: Busan, Dinamarca (Feroe Islands), Seúl (Chunsa)

First showing in Spain

Famous actor Jae-Ha is cast for the two-man stage play Unchain. Also cast for Unchain is idol star Young-Woo. Young-Woo is not enthused about appearing in the stage play. At first, the two men do not get along. As they get more immersed in the characters they play and the gay-themed story, the two men develop unexpected feelings. Meanwhile, Hee-Won Jae-Ha’s girlfriend has a strange feeling about the relationship between Jae-Ha and Young-Woo.