Hors les murs

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Title: Hors les murs
Direction: David Lambert
Cast: Matila Malliarakis, Guillaume Gouix, David Salles
Production: Frakas Productions
Distribution: Films Boutique
Genre: Drama
Duration: 98’
Country: Belgium
Year: 2012

Festivals: Athens, Cannes, Biel (French cinema, Switzerland), Bologna (Gender Bender, LGBT), Brussels (Pink Screen, LGBT), Dieppe (France), Cleveland, Stockholm, Geneva (Everybody’s Perfect, LGBT), Hamburg, Helsinki (Love & Anarchy), Karlovy Vary, Kiev (Molodist), Melbourne (LGBT), Montreal (Image + Nation, LGBT), Morelia, Namur (French-speaking cinema), Ostende, Paris (Chéries-chéris, LGBT), Paris (French-speaking cinema), Palm Springs, Prague (Meziprata, LGBT), Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco (Frameline, LGBT), Seville (European cinema), Tubingen and Stuttgart (French-speaking cinema), Warsaw

Paulo, a young and frail pianist, lives with his girlfriend, Anka. During one night of partying and alcohol, Paulo is aided by Ilir, an Albanian bass player and waiter. It’s love at first sight, a love that will drive them to a shared destiny, a leap of faith for Paulo, who will see how Ilir leaves to play a gig and never comes back.
Hors les murs, the first work of director David Lambert, is a heartfelt tribute to the classic The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. Like that movie, it tells the dramatic and twisted story of two lovers adrift that surrender to passion before a terrible event breaks them apart. Love, absence and reencountering are the storyline of this troubling film featuring Matila Malliarakis and the excellent Guillaume Gouix, a French rising star, whose charisma and intensity remain after the end of the movie.