El hombre nuevo

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Title: El hombre nuevo
Direction: Aldo Garay
Cast: Stephania Mirza Curbelo
Production: Cordón Films
Distribution: The Film Collaborative
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 79’
Country: Uruguay
Year: 2015

Festivals: Berlin (best documentary), Biarritz (Latin-American cinema), Buenos Aires (Asterisco, LGBT), Cleveland, Copenhagen (MIX, LGBT), Geneva (Filmar, Latin-American cinema), Kingston (Reelout, LGBT), Lisbon (cine queer), Ljubljana (LGBT), Melbourne (Tilde, trans cinema), Montevideo (documentaries), Málaga, Río de Janeiro, Rome (independent cinema), Salt Lake City (Damn These Heels, LGBT), Seattle, Sibiu (Astra, Romania), Sofia, Viña del Mar

First showing in Barcelona

Stephania is a transsexual woman born in Nicaragua. As a boy, he was adopted by a couple of Uruguayan leftist activists in the midst of the Sandinista revolution. He was once a committed and revolutionary young boy; today, 26 years later and after overcoming his drug addiction and leaving prostitution, she earns a living watching cars in downtown Montevideo. The film follows Stephania in her journey to rediscover her home country, where she was once a son, a brother and a boy who taught literacy and where she now wants to be accepted as the woman she is. Stephania and the movie director have known each other for 20 years.

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