Institut Francès, Barcelona

This year, the Pantalla Trans [Trans Screen] film cycle, organised by Fire!! in cooperation with Cultura Trans, reflects on the past and present of the trans struggle while also considering future challenges. We might say that the leitmotiv of this edition is “the passing of time in the trans experience”. Firstly, we reflect this “passing of time” in movements for gender freedom, aimed at raising the profile of trans people in a documentary in which pioneering activists in the US recount their experiences. The film represents an exercise in recovering the historic memory to discover people who, despite their anonymity, played key roles in enabling other people, today, to live in greater freedom.

Secondly, various films portray the “passing of time” in the trajectory of trans people at different stages in their lives. In just a short period of time, representing trans people has starting to become a complex issue, and one of the main contributions of this range of representations is that, at last, trans people are seen as something else in life beside just their gender identity. These films, specifically, comprise a plural reflection on trans diversity with regard to family ties. They portray trans people who are also siblings, aunts, spouses, grandmothers, mothers and fathers. Finally, we look at the “passing of time” in relation to social acceptance of the trans experience. While, until recently, we spoke of the day-to-day rejection that trans people encountered in their immediate environment, today we observe that the transition in relational: trans people do not make that journey alone, but are often accompanied by their people – families, friends, lovers… In short, people who accompany us and who in some way also make a gender transition also provide an interesting commentary on the trans experiences that these films portray.

Trans movements are opening up new debates and, once more this year, we present a selection of films that encourage and enable us to continue thinking about trans issues in all their complexity, beauty and diversity.

Pol Galofre and Miguel Missé, Cultura Trans