Institut Francès, Barcelona

Trans Screen explores representations of transsexuality both through fictional films and by featuring documentaries that focus on the progress made by certain groups in terms of rights and awareness-raising. The movie Zen sul ghiaccio sottile (“Zen in the Ice Rift”) is a brilliant portrait of young, rebellious tomboy Maia, bullied by the rest of her ice hockey team due to her masculine attitudes. However, despite her team-mates’ misogyny, she decides to live her gender identity freely. Also on the bill is an animated short, Les lèvres gercées, on the subject of the first conversation between parents and children about transsexuality. Turning now to documentaries, TransMilitary is a superb study of the situation of the 15,000 transgender people in the US Army today, soldiers who are engaged in a tenacious battle to raise awareness about their gender identity. We should also mention the wonderful short documentary Usted no es mujer (“You are Not a Woman”). Although selected for the documentary section (screening before Dykes, Camera, Action!), its real place is in Pantalla Trans as it portrays the courage of a trans community in the small coffee-growing village of Sanctuary in Colombia.